Optical Metrology

Teaching –  Optical Metrology – Prof. Dr.-Ing Philipp Huke


Wintersemester 2021/2022
5.04.624a Introduction to Laser & Optics
5.04.637 Laboratory Project I
5.04.645 Control Systems / Control Theory
5.04.646a Laboratory Project II – Laser & Optics
5.04.4660 Advanced Metrology
5.04.4668 Photonics


Sommersemester 2021

5.04.632 Basic Laboratory II
5.04.637 Laboratory Project I
5.04.667 Astrophysical Instrumentation
5.04.4669 Workshop Management
5.04.4669 Ü Übung zu Workshop Management
5.04.4677 Engineering Scientific Instrumentation

 Master EP:

Lecture Engineering Scientific Instruments:


Relevant scientific questions often require large scientific facilities like CERN or the ELT to conduct their experiment. The evolution of a scientific project from a question to a real experiment is a complex process between large teams of engineers and scientists. In this course students will learn:

a. How to derive specification from a scientific questions;
b. Translate these specifications to engineering
c. Develop first simulations of the experiment
d. Develop the physical design of an instrument including
d.1. Trade-off studies
d.2. Management tools for the communication
d.3. Engineering tools for the instrument
e. Create a model of the instrument
f. Conduct the experiment in the virtual environment
Example project(s) from astrophysics


Wintersemester 2020/2021


Bachelor Engineering Physics:
5.04.624a Introduction to Laser & Optics  
5.04.637 Laboratory Project I  
5.04.645 Control Systems / Control Theory  
5.04.646a Laboratory Project II – Laser & Optics  


Master Engineering Physics:
5.04.4660 Advanced Metrology  


Sommersemester 2020


Bachelor Engineering Physics
5.04.632 Basic Laboratory II 


Before joining University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer


University Göttingen:


2018: Experimental Physics I (Tutorials)

2016-2017: Astrophysical Spectroscopy

Instrumentation in Astrophysics

University Bremen:
Summer 2015:
Astrophysical Spectroscopy (German, Bachelor with Prof. Reiners)
Summer 2014:
Introduction into Lasertechnology (German, Bachelor)
Winter 2013 / 2014:
Principles of Optics (German, Bachelor)

University of applied sciences Bremen:
Summer 2013:
Introduction to Microtechnology (German, Bachelor)
Summer 2012:
Basics of Lasertechnology (German, Bachelor)
Winter 2011 / 2012:
Fundamentals of Si-Microtechnology (German, Bachelor)

Summer 2011:
Microtechnology and Microstructuring (MMM) (English, Master) 

Pictures, propagated by motion along the fibers of the optic nerves in the brain, are the cause of vision.“

Sir Isaac Newton