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Publication in Nature Communications

A collaboration of different research groups around the world led by Christoph Lienau’s group at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg has now reported on ultrafast Rabi oscillations between a plasmon field in a metal grating and adjacent excitons in a thin J-Aggregate film.
Martin Silies‘ research group at the ILO in Emden was part of this collaboration and contributed in this work by the fabrication of nanometer-sized gratings and the simulation of the light-matter interaction using finite-difference time-domain methods.

More details can be found online.

Publication in NanoLetters

Very recently a collobarated work between the University of Oldenburg and the Hochschule Emden/Leer
about low-energetic electrons in the optical near field of thin metallic films was published in the highly-ranked journal NanoLetters.
More details can be found here.

Quantum cryptography

Prof. Dr. Martin Silies secures 250k€ for the Optimization of single photon sources for quantum cryptography in the project „tubLAN Q.0″ with TU Berlin, Uni Jena and Uni Oldenburg 


Appointment: Prof. Dr. Martin Silies

Crossing the line faster with light pulses – Prof. Dr. Martin Silies joins the team at the Institute for Lasers and Optics

The atoms become like a moth, seeking out the region of higher laser intensity.“

Steven Chu, Nobelprize winner 1997