Prof. Philipp Huke
Optical Metrology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Huke


My work is dedicated to experimental physics and optical engineering.
In the field of experimental astrophysics I am working with with an experimental team of about 10 people in the group of Prof. Reiners. The main aim is the development of (optical) frequency standards for the spectral observation of stars .

Calbiration of spectrographs can be done using gas cells (Iodine), calibrated lamps, Fabry-Perot etalons or frequency combs. Currently, in the optical laboratories of the institute all these technologies are under development. My actual work is focused on the stabilization of diode lasers which can be used for observing drifts of Fabry-Perot etalsons. With a high-resolution Fourier-Transform-Spectrometer (FTS) which will be calibrated with a frequency comb we are able to compare the different technics with a very high precision.

Fields of Expertise

In the recent years I worked on different fields…

Development of Lasers
    – Microchip-Lasers
    – Diodelasers with optical Feedback
    – Nd:YAG-Lasers
    – 3.2 µm pulsed Laser

Laser Stabilization
    – Pound-Drever-Hall
    – Hänsch-Couillaud
    – Tilt locking
    – LockIn technologies
    – Rb+ – Spectroscopy

Nonlinear Optics
    – Frequency conversion
    – Optical difference frequency for THz-radiation
    – Interferometry (Michelson, Mach-Zehnder, Sagnac)
    – Shearography
    – Laser ultrasound
    – Holography

    – Cs – Spectroscopy
    – Fourier-Transform-Spectrometer

Pattern-projection (White light)
    – Linescan-system
    – Structured light

Currently, the following topics are in focus:
    – frequency combs
    – Optical frequency standards (with the experimental team together)
       – gas cells
       – Hollow-cathode-lamps

Short CV

1998 – …:
European studies „Applied Lasertechnology“ at the university of applied sciences in Emden
2001 – 2002:
Practical semester at the Observatoire de la côte d’Azur, France, working for the experimental group of VIRGO
Diploma thesis at the Laser Centre Hannover (LZH), „Measurement of the thermal lens in cylindrical Nd:YAG crystals using the Shack-Hartmann method“
2002 – …:
„Technical Physics“ at the Leibniz University Hannover
2002 – 2004:
Scientific coworker in the Albert-Einstein-Institute Hannover / Max-Planck-Institute for gravitational waves
Diploma thesis, „Stabilization of a diode laser with optical feedback“
2005 – 2009:
Research assistant at the Institute for manufacturing and machine tools
Head of optics laboratory
2009 – 2014:
Head of „(Optical) Non-destructive testing“ group at Bremens institute for applied beam technology (BIAS)
PhD-thesis, „3D-Inspectionsystem for the Quality-control of large-area, formed sheet-metals“
2014 – 2020:
Postdoc and Responsible for our optics laboratories and quite happy with this research field

2020 – …:

Professor for optical Metrology


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